Rules & Safety

Age Requirements

Responsible, honorable players of any age and skill level are welcome at Airsoft Alaska events. Players 14 or younger should have a parent on-site for the duration of the event, but not necessarily on the field.

Blind Man Rule

BLIND MAN is the command we use to indicate an emergency on the field.

When you hear BLIND MAN, immediately stop shooting and playing, loudly repeat the command for other players to hear, and listen for verbal instructions from an Airsoft Alaska organizer. Do not resume play until GAME ON is called.

Any player can call BLIND MAN. If you see an injured player, a non-player or wildlife on the field, yell BLIND MAN and find the nearest Airsoft Alaska organizer to handle the situation.

Calling Hits

Airsoft is an honor-based game: Players are responsible for determining when they have been hit and calling themselves out. You might feel, hear, or see yourself get hit.

When you are hit, stand up, yell HIT or OUT, and put one hand up in the air and start walking back to the re-spawn area.

Don't get angry if you get "lit up" with multiple rounds - most players do not stop shooting until you stand up and put a hand up, and even then, some of the rounds may have been in the air as you were standing. Also, keep a cool head if you get shot while walking back to your re-spawn area - keep your hand up and be polite!

Dead players don't talk! After you are hit, you cease to exist in the game until you re-spawn, and you may not divulge any information to living players.

Camouflage/Uniform Requirements

Players must wear full-length pants, long-sleeve shirts, and closed-toed shoes or boots. Other than that, we have no specific uniform requirements.

Eye/Face Protection

Eye protection

Players' eye protection must:

  • a solid lens or stamped steel mesh lens with no holes larger than 6mm
  • ...if not stamped steel mesh, meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1+ specification
  • ...protect the eyes from all angles - shooting glasses must either have a gasket or wrap around the sides of your eyes

Face covering

Anything that covers your ears, nose, and mouth, such as:

  • Balaclava
  • Shemagh
  • Mesh/plastic lower face guard

Incorrect eye protection

  • Shooting glasses that do not wrap around the sides of your eyes
  • Low-quality or woven wire mesh masks (the strands may separate when impacted by a BB)
  • Snowboard/ski goggles (not ANSI Z87.1+)
  • Shop goggles (holes larger than 6mm around the perimeter)

Never remove your eye protection while on the field! If you have fog issues, you must go to the safe zone to remove and wipe your goggles.

Grenades and Mines

Only grenades or mines that expel Airsoft BBs can count as hits against a player - a BB expelled by the grenade/mine must strike the player. Noise maker, powder, and water grenades and mines cannot cause hits against players - their only role is as a distraction device.


No pyrotechnics or open flames are allowed on the field at Airsoft Alaska events.

Safe Zone

In the safe zone, keep your gun's chamber clear, the magazine removed, the safety engaged, your finger off the trigger, and the muzzle pointed at the ground. Handguns may be holstered with the magazine removed.

When leaving the safe zone for the field, you must put on your eye protection while you are still in the safe zone, before you reach the field boundary. However, you should not make your gun ready to fire until you are clearly within the boundaries of the field.

When returning to the safe zone from the field, you must remove your magazine and clear your gun by firing on semi auto once or twice to clear any BBs in the chamber and feed tube (fire until there are no BBs coming out). Also, you may not remove your eye protection until you have fully entered the safe zone.

Safety Kill and Surrender Rules

Players may yell BANG, SAFETY KILL, or SURRENDER if they sneak up on another player and are within close range.

If you are on the receiving end of one of these commands, you must treat it as a hit.

If both players sneak up on each other, or if a safety kill is questionable, one of the two players may say PARLAY, which means both players must disengage and back off 100 feet before resuming play.

Velocity Limits and Minimum Engagement Distances

All velocity measurements are made with a 0.20g BB. Heavier BBs will reduce the velocity/speed of the round, but keep the energy the same.

400FPS and less

Full auto allowed, 10ft minimum engagement distance

400FPS to 450FPS

Semi auto only, 50ft minimum engagement distance

450FPS to 500FPS

Bolt action only, 100ft minimum engagement distance