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Re: Mag Feed

Postby TheDarkSion » Sun May 08, 2011 8:36 pm

I would suggest you:
Wind the magazine
Use the release button to see the results
Try using the magazine in a separate weapon
If the magazine is still not feeding, beat it really good on the bottom of your boot or something similiar, and lubricate with 1-3 drops of silicone.
If these small tricks do not work, you will probably have to take apart the hi-cap, via a guide off the internet. They are fairly simple. Worst case you buy a 10$ JG Hi-cap...
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Re: Mag Feed

Postby Baronvonsmooch » Sun May 08, 2011 11:27 pm

I dont use high caps but i have fixed many for others.

Inside of the high cap mag is a wheel that you wind to push BBs up toward the feed mechanism, after prolonged usage the BBs can and sometimes do get stuck on things in the wheel.

To fix this you may have to unscrew the baseplate and pull the high cap mechanism out to allow the BBs to be released from the wheel which will release the tension. Clean the inside and put the Mag back together. It should work great from then on. If not you may be SOL.
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Re: Mag Feed

Postby Boomer » Mon May 09, 2011 8:25 am

well, turns out the mag wont stay in the gun by itself anymore, guess I wll have to break the news to the guy that owns it
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Re: Mag Feed

Postby Saber » Mon May 09, 2011 7:17 pm

Boomer wrote:well, turns out the mag wont stay in the gun by itself anymore, guess I wll have to break the news to the guy that owns it

Left hand side of the mag, upper area, small square notch, is it beat up?
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