FPS Rules

FPS Rules

Postby 6mm » Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:53 pm

FPS | Feet-per-second

In Alaska, the airsoft players and community have agreed to these standards of gun performance. These standards are fairly common throughout the airsoft community worldwide. FPS rules vary widely, so always check with the local team, event coordinator or experienced player BEFORE you upgrade your guns.

Fully automatic:
400 FPS maximum (+/-10 FPS margin *No full auto over 410 FPS)

Bolt-action snipers:
500 FPS maximum (+/-10 FPS margin)

Snipers Semi-Auto
Semi-automatic only with low capacity magazines (permanently fixed):
450 FPS maximum (+/-5 FPS margin)

AEPs and all other guns/devices
350 FPS maximum (+/-5 FPS margin)

350 FPS maximum (+/-5 FPS margin)
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