OP Lion Claws series core Ruleset

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Re: OP Lion Claws series core Ruleset

Postby Baronvonsmooch » Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:22 am

Weasle, East Wind looks entirely too Milsim for this guy. A whole lot more of having a military field exercise experience than getting some trigger time. Im sure it's fun but ive had my share of field exercises and from the pics you should be glad that they staged the time to be pre reflective belt era haha.

Fox, I wont get out to a Black Sheep event until sometime next year. Ive got a 6 month deployment coming up that I will be following up with a PCS. If at all possible I would love to get out to one of their MOUT events.

The other company to start taking a look at is American Milsim, they have been hosting a good amount of events in large venues like D-Day Adventure Park and Ballahack Airsoft. They have an ongoing story line where each event effects later events. The other thing that is interesting is that they limit the amount of ammo you can carry onfield with you and only allow reloads in regen areas. Might be interesting.
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Re: OP Lion Claws series core Ruleset

Postby Fox1 » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:22 am

That does sound pretty awesome. As soon as I get my spectre dr for my polar star I'm going to zero it and conserve more ammo. I burn through so much when I play.
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