Pistols and gear

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Pistols and gear

Postby Dr. No » Thu May 01, 2014 12:07 pm

So apparently health insurance costs money(???). So I'm thinning down my airsoft stuff to just an AEG and some mags - everything else is for sale.

The prices in parenthesis are what each item costs new, looking for $250 for everything. Everything works except where noted, most of the gear has been used but no major holes or anything.

2x TT MAV 2 piece, OD (one with pouches, one without) ($75 each)
Huge steel ammunition case with misc pouches/gear, brown (???)
Night vision case for PVS14 (similar to pelican) ($100)
Condor battle belt with pouches (OD) ($40)
KJW P229 with 3 mags, propane adapter, holster ($245)
WE 1911 with 1 mag, needs a new barrel bushing ($100)
CYMA G18C with 1 extended mag, 2 regular, holster, needs a new battery ($60)
Condor dropleg, OD ($20)

Plus misc: Leapers red dot sight, woodland RAIDed BDUs, aviator gloves, cleaning rods, silicone oil, medic rags, 50 cal ammo can

Everything is located in Fairbanks, I'd like to sell it all in one go if possible. Entertaining all reasonable offers.
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