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Magpull accessories for sale or trade

Postby Aidan » Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:35 pm

I have a black Magpul MOE handguard, black MOE vertical grip, and black magpul stock for sale and trade, as well as an M4 buffer, 6 position stock, and pistol grip from a KWA CQR. Prices are negotiable, probably around $20-$25 for the hand guard, $20 for the stock, which, word of warning, is commercial spec and will be a bit loose on most airsoft guns, but is easy to shim and is very solid when it is. It is also painted, as is the stock pistol grip, but the paint should be removable, and is also east to paint over. The handguard was once painted but has been painted over in flat black and looks almost exactly like it did originally. The other accessories are pretty plain so I'm not asking any more than $5-15 for them. I'm interested in trading for a rail attached vertical grip, preferably magpul, or a PEQ box that will fit an 11.1v lipo battery. Comment or PM me for more information or if you want pictures.
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