Light-weight and efficent or authentic and cool?

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Light-weight and efficent or authentic and cool?

Postby CrazyBob » Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:31 pm

What should i use? A lightweight and easy to use loadout with the bare minimum, or a complete loadout with all the bells and whistles that i will never use but looks crazy awesome? What does everyone else prefer? I'm the type of guy who likes looks and the feeling of authenticy, but i also love being able to do the job fast and efficently.

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Re: Light-weight and efficent or authentic and cool?

Postby Hippie » Tue Jan 22, 2013 9:53 pm

This is the biggest problem with anyone doing a historical impression such as me and my 'Nam impression. Carrying a 100lb. rucksack, claymore, six quarts of water, three spare uniforms, three days worth of meals, gas mask, dummy ammunition and grenades, thunder b grenades, twenty magazines, machete, shovel, mattress, poncho, poncho liner and web-gear is really friggin' heavy. While humpin' all that stuff is awesome, and it's good for certain situations, it's impractical for 90% of airsoft events. The stuff you'd carry in a fully loaded kit is for limited situations, either extremely defensive, such as claymores and landmines, or extremely offensive, like grenade launchers and hand grenades. If games are large enough, a heavy kit is more feasible, but seeing as how the community up hear is pretty small, just stick with a lightweight run-and-gun kit - just ammo and water, with a pouch or pack to hold your spare ammunition and supplies.
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