FN Five-seveN Holsters?

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Re: FN Five-seveN Holsters?

Postby Saber » Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:37 pm

Censored to fit with the new kind and gentle PC fuzzy friendly attitude.
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In light of the recent shifts in policy my particular brand of humor and wit is no longer welcome here.
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Re: FN Five-seveN Holsters?

Postby Kyle » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:02 am

Jordan, I like you personally, but we (as in everyone) have to stop jumping all over new users on these forums over little stupid stuff. So far this guy has the potential to make it out to more games this year than you will... Just sayin'...

If we want to get new players to come out and play with us, a few people have to remove the "forum etiquette" sticks from their asses and lighten up.

Besides, maybe a few MILSIM guys mixed in with us wouldn't be so bad. As long as nobody is taking themselves too seriously out on the field, I don't see the issue.

I did just spend about $500 on Canadian gear... Not that I'm doing a Canadian impression, I just really like the pattern. We all have our priorities.

Edit: Forgot to mention, deleted Saber's and baronvonsmooch's posts that were mean to the new guy. Part of the new "be nice to new guys and lighten up" policy.
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Re: FN Five-seveN Holsters?

Postby Hollywood » Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:41 pm

scoutsniper5796 wrote:
Saber wrote:
scoutsniper5796 wrote:That's fine if you want to go with jeans and such, because I'm going into the marines and I'm pushing for realism. I just don't like to criticized on how I like to do things.

That's nice, we have plenty of former service members here. You can remove the stick from your ass now. If you're going to get upset over someone pointing out that to label yourself as a "class" is pretty "Call of Duty" then I suggest you avoid mentioning anything near and dear to your heart. You have to realize that we get about a million future super soldiers through these parts. Usually they get their asses kicked in a few games after they realize that people can see and shoot you better than the kids on the internet and then they just sort of disappear. So be happy that someone stopped and took a second to address your potential delusions in an effort to help you avoid the crushing blow to your carefully fostered self esteem and engorged e-peen.

DUDE CHILL im not a f***ing call of duty nerd, I'm a military weapons and tactics enthusiast. I would recommend meeting people before saying s*** like that, you could offend someone a "little" bigger than you.
So please keep the very rude comments off this forum, thank you

LOL. You're going to forget everything you ever thought you knew about weapons and tactics about 2 seconds after you step on those yellow footprints. Airsoft is fun. That's all it is. It isn't a good "training tool" to prep you for the military. Want to know what is? Going to the gym, running & hiking for a long time, learning boxing and other martial arts, and crushing as many girls as possible while you're able, because you're in for some LONG dry spells.
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Re: FN Five-seveN Holsters?

Postby PDWspecialist » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:49 pm

I think it's fine if he wants to use it as a "training tool". If you guys say that airsoft is not serious, then why do guys even care about what he does. I personally use airsoft to improve on teamwork skills, not something you would usually find in a gym.

Like Kyle said, be nice!
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