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Looking for a team

Postby Hippie » Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:26 pm

Well, since I'm back, for at least two years, I'm looking to be part of a team. I currently run a 'Nam kit, but obviously, that's not suitable for Alaskan weather. My buddies in GA and I are planning on gathering at OP: Eastwind 2016, so the 315th RRC kit is going to be the base for my winter kit here in Alaska. Of course, anyone's always welcome to run an Eastwind approved kit with me, and in 2016, we'll roll in as Vanguard, my team in Georgia.

What I've got!
G&P M16A1, x23 Magazines
Madbull Gemtech Blackside "Flare" Tracer Unit
King Arms M79 x10 Shells...so far
KWC M1911A1, x2 Magazines
Supercell M18A1 Claymore
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