JG G36C upgrades?

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JG G36C upgrades?

Postby CrazyBob » Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:18 pm

So I have a virtually new stock JG G36C that I put a G&P 9.6v NIMH 1600mah battery in. I have 4 350 round magazines for it, and it has a hop-up. Does anybody have any specific recommendations for upgrades to this gun? I am looking for something in the way of accuracy and rate of fire, so I was considering a LiPo and tighter barrel. Any ideas for interior or exterior upgrades?
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Re: JG G36C upgrades?

Postby Subcaptian » Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:52 pm

Be like mine; barrel extension with longer inner barrel. That works wonders for that gun. Also, if you go the route of the Li-Po make sure that you have a fuse installed in the wiring for the battery. SUPER IMPORTANT. Next up in line is a MOSFET, and I'd recommend the BTC Chrimera; lots of features and supports 14 volt Li-Po. Thats the MOSFET I'm going to outfit my guns with. As for sights, http://waridiot.com/index_eproduct_view ... cts_id=577
Great EOTech. Also on my buy list.
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Re: JG G36C upgrades?

Postby Clyde » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:17 am

The MadBull shark hopup bucking and H-nubs are my best recommendation.

I use those in my JG G36C and they made the biggest difference in range and accuracy.

I have also used a tightbore but that makes it only a slightly smaller group out at 150 feet.

9.6V are good if you want a decent rate of fire when firing it on automatic, for a nice crisp semi auto i would recommend a lipo.

With my experience with JG G36C's as long as you don't touch the gearbox it doesn't really ever mess up or break but you you pull it out of the lower receiver for the first time little its on it start of crack and break.

Like i messed with mine and since then i have had to take it apart and fix something more than 3 dozen times in the last few years, but others that i know who are just as hard on there guns that have never touched their Gearbox have never had to fix something for like 4 years.
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