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Forum Rules and Conditions of Use

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:00 pm
by 6mm
The basic rules are as follows:

    1. Remember this forum is public, act accordingly.

    2. Please refrain from excessive foul language.

    3. Personal attacks or threats will not be tolerated, whether physical or virtual.

    4. Do not discuss illegal, illicit or questionable topics. (Specifically bomb making, threats, theft, etc.) This includes chat or other areas where you can post comments of any kind.

    5. Please respect others, bad attitudes and flame wars can and will result in bans.

    6. Stay on topic. Excessive rants, personal disputes and intentionally creating conflict will earn you a one way ticket to a permanent ban.

    7. We reserve the right (and will use it) to remove, suspend or delete any user account should a user violate the basic rules. Moderators *may* give one warning, but are not required to give any notices.

If you have a legitimate issue, please report it to a moderator or website administrator.