Eye protection enforcement notice

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Eye protection enforcement notice

Postby Kyle » Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:10 pm

At the 8/31/13 game and beyond, we will begin strictly enforcing the eye protection requirements as mandated by our insurance company. The requirements are as follows:

1. Solid lens rated ANSI Z87.1+ (no mesh, no flexible shop/snowboard/ski goggles)
2. Full seal between goggle frame and skin (there must be a foam or rubber gasket attached to the frame that touches your face)
3. A strap that secures the eye protection around the back of your head. This helps prevent the eye protection from falling off if you take a hard fall or run into something on the field.

The only "gray area" goggles, which are allowed:
Smith Optic Boogie Regulator (has vent holes at top of lens, but they are smaller than 6mm and not directly in front of the eye)
Save Phace Grunt Goggle/TEP (has a small air gap between frame and lens on top and bottom, smaller than 6mm)

Eye protection that is specifically not allowed:
- Any kind of glasses, as they do not form a full seal around your face with a gasket.
- Wire mesh/sansei eye masks, they are not a solid lens, nor ANSI rated. Wire mesh lower face protectors are OK, but nothing over your eyes.

Players that do not have proper eye protection will not be allowed on the field, no exceptions.

These requirements are set in place by our insurance company, whom we need for coverage so that we are allowed to host games at the Menard Center and the AT&T Center indoors in Anchorage. If I could have it my way, we would allow shooting glasses and stamped (not woven) wire mesh, but we must abide by the insurance company's rules or we risk losing access to our current places to play.

If anybody has any questions, please post them here, PM me, or e-mail contact@airsoftfix.com.


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