About Airsoft Alaska

Airsoft Alaska began over 10 years ago as an online community for a small group of Airsoft players in the Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley area of Alaska.

Responsible, honorable players of any age or skill level are welcome at Airsoft Alaska events. We welcome new players with open arms - the more the better, and we'd rather have you play with us instead of your friend's backyard!

Skirmish days run from 11am until about 5pm. We typically play 10-16 individual games on a typical day. Each game has a 20-minute time limit, although several types can be won before the time runs out. All games have a fast respawn rate, so players will get plenty of trigger time, regardless of skill level.

Game Types

Center Flag Push

Both teams are trying to take control of a LED strobe puck in the middle of the field and deposit it in the enemy's base to win. Keep your eye on the ball!


There are 4 LED strobes at different locations on the field. 2 begin on and 2 begin off. One team is trying to make sure 3 or 4 strobes are on at the end of 20 minutes, and one team is trying to make sure they are off. A tie is possible, but rare.

Double Blow-the-House-Down

Like center flag push without the flag. Both teams are attempting to get one player inside the enemy's base to win. Keep your head on a swivel and look out for sneaky opponents trying to get into your base!


Players start out in teams of 1 or 2, spread apart from each other throughout the field. When a player is hit, they join the team of the person that hit them. At first, there are as many teams as players, slowly everyone winds up on 2 teams, then eventually only one team remains.